Here's what the shocking final scene of 'The Leftovers' season 3 premiere could mean for the rest of the series


The Leftovers season three premiere Sarah
“Sarah” and her dove cages.

Warning: Spoilers forward for “The Leftovers” season

“The Leftovers” season three premiere episode began off
with a mysterious chilly open (more
on that here
), and issues simply bought crazier from there. But
the actual kicker got here in the final minutes of the episode when the
scene shifted from Kevin standing in Jarden to a lady with lengthy
gray hair in an undisclosed location. She was delivering
cages of white doves to a church.

The nun at the church referred to the girl as Sarah, however when
“Sarah” circled, viewers realized it was actually Nora —
solely about 25 or so years older. 

So what was that every one about? We’re going to dive into context
clues from the episode to see what to make of old-Nora.

Nora:Sarah The Leftovers season three premiere episode 1
Nora seems to be method older, and she or he claimed to not acknowledge
the title “Kevin.”


The flash ahead means the world will not finish

This episode spent so much of time emphasizing the upcoming
seven 12 months anniversary of the Sudden Departure. Different
characters appear to assume that the Departed will return on October
14, or that the world will finish fully in some apocalyptic
disaster. Others assume there shall be a second
Departure. But one factor is definite — individuals are getting ready
for the worst.

Even the official promo tag for season three was “the finish is
close to.”

But by exhibiting us “outdated” Nora at the finish of the episode, it appears
to be a affirmation that the world is not actually going to finish
in two weeks. 

The solely different different could be that this can be a flash
“sideways” — a time period followers of Damon Lindelof’s series “Lost” will
be conversant in. But we do not assume Nora is in an alternate
timeline. Instead it is smart that she’s going to survive the occasions
of the seven 12 months anniversary, and one thing will occur to trigger
her to distance herself from any reminiscence of Kevin. 

What the doves meant

The birds appeared to be delivering messages again to Nora, however she
merely tossed the small notes right into a bucket. So we do not assume
they’re purely messenger birds. Instead, we predict the white
doves are for ceremonial use.

The Australian nun who spoke to Nora stated: “We often do not get
so many this shut collectively. Love is in the air.”

For awhile we could not decode this. So many doves this shut
collectively? So many messages? But Nora threw out the messages, so
she will be able to’t mean that, proper?

Then, at the finish of the episode, HBO launched a new trailer that
showed scenes from “the weeks ahead.”
One of the scenes proven
for a break up second appeared to point out that very same Australian nun
releasing a cage of doves.

Take a glance:

The Leftovers weeks ahead still nun doves wedding
We’re 99.99% positive this can be a wedding ceremony.

The doves, the DJ arrange, and the strings of lights all scream
“wedding ceremony” to us. We assume the nun meant “we often do not get so
many weddings with requests for
 this shut collectively.”

You can see this second at the finish of the season three trailer

Okay, in order that at the least solves the thriller of the doves (we

But we nonetheless do not know why Nora goes by the title “Sarah,” or
claimed to not acknowledge the that means of the title Kevin. It does
really feel important that Nora finally ends up residing in rural Australia.

The Australia connection

Australia has come up repeatedly all through “The Leftovers.”
First it was the place Kevin Garvey Sr. determined to maneuver to after
he was launched from psychiatric care. Then Kevin Garvey Jr.
appeared to speak along with his father whereas he was in “the resort”
— that purgatory-esque place he went when he died twice in season
two. Kevin Sr. stated he was in Perth, Australia, and had taken a
drug known as “God’s Tongue” that allowed him to tune into the place
Kevin Jr. was.

Kevin Jr Sr. Hotel room HBO Leftovers
and son sharing a second alone in purgatory.


There was additionally the man named David Burton, who we heard about
from a information report in season two. David had claimed to have died
in a collapse Australia and emerged alive and unhurt days later
— just like Kevin’s personal tales of dying and returning. While
Kevin was in “purgatory,” he met a person with an Australian accent.
Some followers consider that was David Burton. 

So. We know that season three will take us to Australia.
That similar “in the weeks forward” promo confirmed Nora telling Kevin
that she needed to go to Australia for work. Plus, “The Leftovers”
director for this episode — Mimi Leder — instructed INSIDER that

the opening scene was all taking place in Adelaide,

Remember the man who was receiving provider pigeons that have been
relaying the predicted date of the world ending?

The Leftovers Millerite bird opening season three
The chief of the Australian Millerites was
speaking with birds.


Perhaps that has some connection to Nora’s obvious future spent
in Australia dealing with messenger birds of her personal? We requested Mimi
Leder if there was a connection between Nora and the

You be the choose of that when
you see the season, I do not wish to give something away,” Leder
stated. “I could inform you however, simply watch and you will see.
That’s attention-grabbing that you simply ask that query.”

So buckle in, followers of “The Leftovers.” Season three is simply
getting began — and we will not wait to see the place it takes us

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