Here&#zero39;s how much money you actually take home if you win the $700 million Powerball


You will not take home $700 million, that is for certain.


The INSIDER Summary:

  • The newest Mega Millions Powerball jackpot is $700 million.
  • If you win and take the lump sum, the preliminary payout is $443.three million.
  • But then federal taxes reduce that right down to $332.5 million.
  • And relying which state you’re in, the last payout could be round $293 million.
  • Find out the payout relying in your state at the USA Mega website.

The Powerball lottery pot is now $700 million, and whereas shopping for a lottery ticket might not be money-well-spent, you may as properly put together by realizing how much money may very well be in your pocket.

Unfortunately the $700 million sum drops drastically after federal and state taxes are eliminated.

The actual whole take-home? According to USA Mega, the winner receives an preliminary payout of $443.three million
(if they take the lump-sum). Already we’re at 63% of the marketed worth.

But now comes taxes.

The preliminary federal tax withheld from the winnings is 25% — eradicating $110,825,000 million. Now our winner has about $332.5 million left to spend.

But, relying on the place they stay, a further state tax of as much as eight.82% might be deducted, leaving a grand whole of $293,375,940 awarded.

USA Mega makes certain to notice that this greenback quantity is the estimated whole awarded at the time a winner claims the prize, not your precise last tax burden,” as a result of the federal tax actually winds up being 39.5% for lottery winners.

Then state taxes might differ from the percentages listed on their website. And some residents, like New York City dwellers, are subject to additional municipal taxes of about three% on lottery winnings.

The subsequent Powerball drawing takes place on Wednesday, August 23 at 10:59 p.m. EST. If no successful numbers are drawn, the pool will proceed to develop as extra folks purchase tickets.